Leaf Creek Studio

In this desolation the songs are composed, mixed and mastered

…and yes correct, the caffeine-containing lemonade isn’t in the photo…that’s wrong ūüėČ Oh yes, a Sub is still under the table, otherwise there are only a few GB of VST plugins, that’s it ….

To be honest, this is my Equipment:

  • PC (Windows¬© 10) with AMD¬© FX-8350, 16 GB Kingston¬© DDR3 RAM, 500 GB Samsung¬© SSD 860 Evo (and some more TB’s somewhere)…
  • Samsung¬© 4K 28″ Monitor U28D590D
  • RME¬© 9632 Hammerfall Audio Interface
  • Harman Kardon¬© HKTS 16 2.1 Speakers
  • FL Studio¬© Producer Edition DAW
  • Reloop¬© Keyfadr Midi Keyboard and Mixer
  • AKG¬© K-240 MKII Studio Stereo Headphone
  • Sony¬© MDR-RF865R Headphones
  • Blue¬© Snowball Microphone
  • Voxengo¬© Premium Membership
  • Izotope¬© Ozone 8 Standard
  • a lot of Toneboosters¬© Plug Ins
  • uvm.

Except for this project will also tasks for others (see list) have been carried out to date