For all Bass-Junkies in the Universe!


The technoid project under this label is the rebirth of Claudo alias Grey_C in 2005. Among these two names he made music previously since the end of ’99. Under one name he released own tracks and under the other one the remixes, now both “projects” been merged ….. More info about him via mail (contact) 😉

Claudo 2019

Claudo 2019


Aposphragisma (Latin), the seal:

Why the name? He’s pretty “unique” (use Google …) and leaves much room for interpretation 😉 One should also not too long discussing the genre, electronic music it is definitely whether more trance Techno, Hard trance, Acid, Hardcore, Rave, Dance, Club or “whatever” is still real Schranz! * lol *

The only aim of it all is “having Fun!” as the Hesse says, in his regional language sounds it in a more funny way 😉 So yes the ultimate correct motto is …

Music is Therapy!

whereby probably mainly the positive vibrations to the only member of the project are meant. The work is carried out to 99% at some point between 23:00 to 5:00, mostly on weekends, because the producer is married, well over 30 (*smile*), and has two not-so-little girls and can not live from the Music. The late creative period, it was also that ultimately led to the logo, quasi “Working under the Light of Moon” …

General Information


Me and my PC;-) … and a bit of hardware and software stuff …

Blue Moon Therapy Room


I listen to and like a lot of genres and bands that goes down to the metalscene. So I am sure that all of that and also what I do not like, has taken effect on me. In whatever strength and form…